Software Engineering Services


In October 2012, I joined  Execom, a fast adaptive software engineering house focused on the entire development cycle as an intern. I worked on a various project starting from developing graphics for integrated marketing campaigns to web, mobile and iOS interfaces.

This page is still a work in progress

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About Execom

Established in 1995, Execom is a pioneer in nearshoring IT services providing automation software, telecommunications, C++, Ruby on Rails development outsourcing. 120+ IT specialists deal with challenging projects and deliver against the highest standards and certifications.

The company's twenty-one-year long expertise is broad: Technical Automation, Business Process Automation, Telecommunications, Finance & Banking, Home Automation, Broadcasting & Multimedia, Mobile Solutions, IoT. We work with clients from Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, France, the USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, the Czech Republic and Russia.