For the last several years I've been involved in the full life-cycle design development of different SaaS platforms, from fast-paced digital agencies to a 500 Fortune company.

At NetApp, I've been focused on leading the full life-cycle of design development of Astra Control – multi-cloud data management platform, as well as pushing the development and adoption of our design system by other NetApp services and products.

During a joint project with Google, I've been working on launching Google Cloud NetApp Volumes – cloud-based data storage service that provides advanced data management capabilities and highly scalable performance.

All of this, while learning that you have to value each opinion, openly receive any feedback, and more importantly to feed-forward with no ego involved, as it's a must that contributes immensely when building a strong team spirit.

Fun Facts

A midwife picked my name, not my mom

Got a scar on my left arm after running into a moose in Alaska

Lived in 5 countries

Lost an iPhone X in Zimbabwe

Stole grandma’s ring to propose to a girl at 5

Ran a marathon race in Lebanon 5 days after Saudis declared war

Tried 11 professions

Never watched Titanic

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344 534

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