3 Marathons. 3 Cities. 3 Years. 


I always was compelled by having a challenge of any sort in my life. Back in 2013, I watched the TED talk of May El-Khalil "Making peace is a marathon". That story moved me not as much as a physical challenge, but more of a way to being a stepping stone to something unknown. 

Long-distance running isn't only a good way to have good well-being, meditate, but also to dream big. The more I ran, the more energy, and the bigger my dreams became.

The goal was to commit to 16 weeks of training each year to race in full distance marathons around the world and tell a story of my journey. Why? To inspire more people and give a kick to change their lives.

Of course, ambition, the joy of running, and personal challenge all played their part. Through countless hours spent on treadmills, pairs of worn-out shoes, and hours of podcasts I had my first race completed in New-York in May 2015, the second race in Ottawa in 2016, and when the road to Beirut Marathon culminated at the finish line in 2017, I was be able to look back and say I gave it everything to bring more people to understanding that many of our daily problems can be overcome by the power of focus, determination, and discipline.


The moment you realize, the next step isn’t going to kill you and that the next step is the first step to evolving, changing, growing and learning and becoming the best version of yourself, that’s the most beautiful thing.

– James Lawrence


At the finish line of my first marathon.

– New-York, 2015


In the middle of the race on the hottest day in Canada of the last 20 years.

– Ottawa, 2016


Five days after Saudis declared war to Lebanon and urged their citizens to leave the country immediately, the whole city of Beirut still managed to unite in the name of peace.

– Beirut, 2017 

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